Maskisuositukset lisääntyvät

In Spain, a mask obligation will come into force on 21 May 2020 for all those over 6 years of age. The mask should be used in all situations where it is not possible to keep a distance from other people.

There is a wealth of scientific and practical experience with the benefits of using masks to slow and stop Covid-19. Nevertheless, the Finnish government is still considering issues related to the use of masks.

Many experts recommend that the use of masks be desirable, at least in larger crowds and congested spaces. The greatest benefit of using masks is when they are used extensively, and not just by a few people. With the widespread use of masks, it would be possible to get the R0 number measuring the adhesion factor downwards.

The use of masks is already recommended in more than 50 countries. In Finland, discussions about masks in public have been mainly derogatory, but small glimpses have already been seen in the direction of advocates for masks, for example by THL's representatives.

Almost all publications on the use of masks widely support the use of masks, and almost all experienced publishers recommend their use. The use of masks has generally been viewed negatively in Europe, but an increasing number of European countries have recommended their use to slow and stop Covid-19.

What is important when using masks is that they are used correctly. Instructions for using the mask can be found here.

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