About Us

We import and sell protective equipment mainly for businesses and healthcare. We now also offer the protection we have acquired through excellent sourcing channels to consumers at a competitive price.

For our part, we strive to eliminate the shortage of protective equipment, to facilitate everyday life and, for example, safe appointments for the elderly.

We always ensure that the products comply with EU and STM regulations and comply with the required standards, eg EN14683: 2019 and EN149: 2001.

We strive to keep our prices as reasonable as possible so that anyone who wants to can get the protector. At present, prices are naturally affected by the fact that prices are high at the factory, especially for higher quality products. Similarly, freight rates have multiplied and availability has been difficult. Recently, the situation has improved and we have immediately passed on the price advantage to our customers. We are now able to supply several million protectors per week.

With our long-term relationship, we can ensure deliveries and quality. Our Chinese office conducts quality control in all our factories, and we also ensure the quality of products going to healthcare by testing them at VTT itself. We are able to offer, for example, high-quality CE-approved EN14683: 2019 Type IIr protectors for hospital / patient use with fast delivery.

The management of our company has a long experience in importing and sourcing in the Far East. Our Chairman of the Board, who has experience as CEO of a large company, sits in Hong Kong and is responsible for our office there.

We pay all our taxes to Finland.