Privacy policy

Updated 2.4.2020

  1.  Owner of the customer details

Wolttinen Oy
Martinkyläntie 39 A
01720 Vantaa

Y-tunnus 2655749-9

  1. Name of the customer list

  1. What we do with your personal information

We always collect, handle and use all personal information with an agreement of a customer to support the relation between Oy and a customer. Personal information is used mainly to send newsletters and offers to a customer. Is it possible that we use the information to understand our statistics and to improve our website.

5. What kind of information we collect

The personal information we collect can include the following details:

  • name and last name
  • contact details (address, email, phone number)
  • gender
  • targeted marketing and related action to a specific customer
  • direct marketing
  • information about usage of our digital services
  • we get technical details from the devices you use to access our apps and websites and from cookies which tell us what you look at online, where and when.
  • potential phone calls, emails and discussions via social media to our customer care
  • signing in details of a registered customer
  • action on out website after signing in
    1. How we will get your personal information

    Most of the information is received in the beginning of and during our customer relation and from the programs that you use to visit our site and use our products and services.

    Wolttinen Oy is permitted to have customer details from official authority and organisations, who offers financial trust information and  personal information and from public sources such as company websites and social media channels. We collect personal information during activation, lotterys, enqueries and events for marketing purposes (from our own or our cooperation partners behalf).

    1. Who we share your personal information

    We might share your personal details to third parts who operates services such as payment realisation. The services can include for example customer care, programming services, research, marketing and arranging events. Wolttinen Oy might share your personal information and unpaid bills to a third part debt collection companies to collect payments of the services and products you have purchased from us. online store uses Klarna's and Checkout Finlands payment methods. You will find ruther information about Klarna here and their terms of use here. Klarna handles your personal information according to applicable law and Klarna's privacy policy. More information about CheckOut you find here. CheckOut handles your personal information according toapplicable law and CheckOut's privacy policy.

    Securing of your personal information is really important to Wolttinen Oy. We do not allow any of the previous third party operators to use your personal information to any other purposes than mentioned previously. It demands that all personal information is secured according to this privacy policy and applicable law.

    Wolttinen Oy shares your personal information to some cooperators who we do collaboration with.

    The action in our online store on a product level will be transmitted to Omnisend email marketing automation platform to do for example email marketing. These third parts are not allowed to use any of the information they get from us to other operations and their own purposes in any circumstances. They will only get the information they need to proceed the service. All data transfers between third parties are proceed via secure connections.

    1. Do we send your personal information outside  EU or Europe / Wolttinen Oy mainly doesn't send or process any information outside European Union or Europa's economic region. If any information is being transferred exceptionally outside EU/ETA-region we will ensure a proper security level according to law.

    1. Security philosophy of Wolttinen Oy

    All the personal information is being held in a proper secure server and are only able to be used by specific persons defined by / Wolttinen Oy.

    10. Customers right to restrict our use of their personal details

      A Customer has a right to prohibid Wolttinen Oy from processing personal data concerning him or her for direct mailing, distance selling and other direct marketing, and for market research, as well as for personal records and genealogy. The prohibition must be written and sent to the company's postal address.

      1. Right of inspection of the customer

      A customer has the right to check what information about him or her has been stored in the personal register. The request for verification must be sent written by post or be contacted by e-mail, in which case we will agree on the necessary measures to verify the customer's identity and provide information.

      1. Data retention and data correction

      We will retain the information for only the time that it is necessary to enable us to comply with this statement. We delete the data in accordance with the requirements of legislation when, for example, the retention period in accordance with the Accounting Act expires.

      The controller shall correct, delete or supplement personal data in the register which is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date for the purpose of processing on its own initiative or at the request of the data subject. The data subject must contact the registrar's person responsible for registration matters to correct the information.

      1. Is it necessary for you to give us your personal information?

      In order for Wolttinen Oy to fulfill its contractual obligations related to the relationship between us, we must obtain and process personal data concerning you. Without the necessary personal information, we will not be able to offer you our products and services that require the processing of personal information, such as e-commerce purchases.

      1. Which country's law applies to the processing of your data?

      We are a Finnish company. Finnish legislation and EU legislation directly applicable in Finland, such as the EU Data Protection Regulation, apply to this personal register and the processing of the personal data contained in it.

      1. How can we update this privacy statement?

      We are constantly developing our business and this may also mean changes in the processing of personal information. If necessary, we will update the privacy statement to reflect the changed practices. Changes can also be based on changes in legislation. We recommend that you read the contents of this privacy statement regularly.

      If we begin to process your personal information for a purpose other than that for which it was collected, we will notify you of this and an updated privacy statement prior to such further processing. For other changes, we will provide you with information on updating our privacy statement on our website.