We import and sell protective equipment mainly for healthcare and businesses. Now the same products are also available to consumers at affordable prices.

The protectors we sell to consumers are not out of European healthcare. We import our products from markets where there is no shortage of protectors. We currently source the protectors mainly through Hong Kong. The protectors meet the same high quality standards as the other protectors we sell and meet the requirements of EN149: 2001, EN14683: 2019 and GB / T 32610-2016.

We use our long-term relationships to ensure product quality and smooth deliveries. We make sure that the protectors are always as comfortable to use as possible. We are a reliable partner and pay all our taxes to Finland.

JIf you need larger quantities of protective equipment for the care industry, healthcare or your company, please contact our sales at 046-6188679 or info@maskikauppa.fi.. We also offer outside the range of the online store, eg CE EN14683: 2019 Type IIr protectors even directly from stock.

In the hedging market, the situation is now better and the price level has fallen. As always, we also give a price advantage to our customers, which is immediately visible in the online store. We are able to deliver even large quantities quickly and reliably.

We work to alleviate the shortage of protectors and are currently able to supply up to several million protectors per week. We test our products at VTT and closely monitor that our products meet all the required STM and EU quality requirements. We have our own offices in Hong Kong and China, where we ensure quality and reliable deliveries.

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