Suomalaisilla ei asiaa Kreikkaan vielä kesäkuussa

Greece begins to take tourists against June, although the finns have nothing to do there yet. Greece to take tourists from 19 countries, with the corona virus situation is well under control.

Greece incoming tourists are not subjected to quarantine, and they don't require a corona virus test. The country has drawn up a precise plan for the summer tourist season would be the spread of the disease in case and all of the host hotels should be prepared for the situation by special arrangement.

In June, Greece from Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Israel, Austria, Japan, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Norway, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Denmark, Czech as well as Hungarian citizens.

Citizens of other countries to cross open 1. July onwards, if only the epidemiological situation permits.

More than half of the countries, whose citizens have access to Greece, has the mask to or mask use is at least recommended.


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