Maskit toimivat, nyt todistettu hamstereilla

Hamster research shows the effectiveness of masks in the fight against coronavirus. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of hamsters with masks on site.

In Hong Kong, hamsters were placed in adjacent cages with Covid-19-infected hamsters, resulting in 66.7% of healthy hamsters becoming infected. When masks similar to masks were placed as barriers between the cages, the number of infection recipients decreased to 16.7%. Thus, research shows that masks actually protect other people from infection.

So here is the proof of what we already knew. The use of mouth-nose protectors can significantly reduce airborne Covid-19 infections.

The study, called the first of its kind by the group, found that the rate of non-contact infection - in which the virus was transmitted through respiratory droplets or airborne particles - fell by as much as 75 percent when mask-like barriers were in front of infectious individuals. This study showed that the effectiveness of using masks against a corona virus pandemic is enormous.

The hamster experiment shows very clearly that if infected hamsters or people - especially asymptomatic or symptomatic - wear masks, they are actually protecting other people. The spread of the virus can be reduced by 50% when mouth guards are used, especially when infected people wear guards. The study also found that hamsters infected with Covid-19 had more severe symptoms than those who received it through the septum of the mask.

So people should stay alert, especially since the virus can have many “silent” senders. The mask should always be worn when moving indoors or in an enclosed environment with crowded and public transportation.

No new corona virus infections have been detected in Hong Kong for a few days now, despite the high number of people moving in public places. When you look at the street scene, you can just say that the masks work!

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