Powerful 3M 9010 N95 Respirator

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Powerful 3M 9010 N95 Respirator

Powerful and easy-to-use respirator with earloop.

The shaped respirator is easy to put on the face and adapts to the shape of the nose and face, making the protector fit snugly on the face. The model is suitable for many faces of different shapes and sizes. The disposable cover should be replaced when it becomes dirty, the inside is dirty, or its breathing resistance increases.

Respiratory protection level N95 (FFP2), when used correctly, effectively protects the user against even smaller particles such as bacteria and viruses, for example against the coronavirus. The respirator filters at least 95% of airborne contaminants.

  • Effectively filters out PM2.5 particles and bacteria
  • PFE filtration efficiency> 95%, BFE filtration efficiency> 95%
  • Individually packed
  • The N95 is an American standard that meets the FFP2 security level
  • NIOSH certified
  • CDC approved for health care use in the USA

The availability of 3M protectors is poor and prices are really high. However, through our contacts, we can obtain small quantities of them. Unfortunately, we had to revise the price as our own purchase price continued to rise significantly.

Respiratory protection has no right to exchange or return for hygiene reasons.